Update from Kuba & Leia

(13th June 2020)

We hope that you are all staying safe and well as we adapt to the global impact of Coronavirus. 

We are still working hard on our plan to manufacture the LitterPod™ and expect to launch some time in 2021. We will be updating all subscribers by email soon. 

The LitterPod™ will retail for £380 / $475 including postage and packaging when it's available. 



Exciting new product coming soon.

(Sshhh it's still a secret at the moment)


Over the last three months we have been working with our partners in Finland to develop a new and exciting product. This product will launch later in 2020. Nothing like it currently exists and we think cats are going to love 💕 it! 😻😺❤️.

Remember we don't advertise on social media, so be sure to sign up and register with us if you'd like us to let you know all about it when we launch! 

A note about fraudulent / fake adverts


Since early March there have been a series of persistent fake adverts on Facebook and Instagram. They pretend to sell the LitterPod™ for around $39 and is a scam. 


These fake adverts are currently being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards here in the UK. 

We have been advised that the fake sites of Kissmepop, Qoqofamily and Chicalike have all been removed. However Caplooks, LikeChant, Peas.shop, SudoSpace and Teafuny are still live.


All these sites are fake and have no affiliation whatsoever with us. We suggest that if you have made payment to any of the above businesses that you contact PayPal or your bank to try and secure a refund. We also suggest reporting them to your local trading standards authority and also Facebook / Instagram.


If you do come across another fake site that is not listed above, we'd love it if you could email us to let us know the link. We can then add it to the case file for the teams investigating. Just drop us a note at meow@kubaandleia.com. We would be very thankful!


Our focus is to be an ethical and sustainable business. 

While we continue to do everything we can to have any fake adverts removed, we do not agree with Facebook's advertising practices and have deleted our Facebook and Instagram accounts and won't be using their platforms in the future. Facebook and PayPal continue to profit from these fake ads, which we think is unethical.

New Website Coming Soon

We are currently working on our new website and will be launching soon. 

Contacting us


If you'd like to contact us you can reach us at meow@kubaandleia.com. 

Hope you're staying safe and well. 

James, Kuba & Leia. 



A magic rake sweeps through and gets rid of our wee balls and poos. 


Each time we go to the toilet it tells our humans how much we weigh.



It's nice and quiet. So we don't get spooked. 


It looks like a normal litter tray to us. We don't have to learn how to use it. It's instinctive like us!


Humans that have reduced mobility can use it easily too.


When it comes to doing a full litter change, it has a clever plough that fully empties the tray. 

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