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For the love of cats

Back in 2017, Kuba and Leia gave us that disappointed look. They were not impressed with our litter tray cleaning efforts. Leia, being the fussy one, showed her disdain by greeting us with her famous 'protest' wee. We must do better. 


So. We started on a mission to design a new type of litter tray. It needed to be something that K&L would instinctively use. But we also wanted it to be a premium product. Well designed. Well engineered. 

It also needed to be super simple to use. Safe. And works with most clumping litters. The icing on the cake? Great odour control too. 

The LitterPod™ was originally a pet project (no pun intended). But after meeting with hundreds of amazing fellow cat lover's - it's grown into a fledgling British business. We're so excited about this and all the new partners we've started working with. 

We're a privately funded business. Our funds have come from friends and family who have invested in us. So we're working hard to make a little go a long way. 

Underpinning everything we do is our love for cats. They are the soul of our home. They are in equal measure the greatest source of pleasure and happiness as they are a source of worry and anxiety. 

So every product we make will be designed specifically to improve the health and wellbeing of our moggy friends.  

"The last three years have been a heady mix of eureka moments and steep learning curves . The LitterPod™ has been designed without cutting any corners. It's a rich blend of great design and well thought out engineering, designed to stand both the test of time and antics of our furry friends."

Our philosophy

We create products for cats that combine beautiful design, simplicity and longevity. We want cat owners as well as the cats themselves to have the best experience. So we use inclusive design principles that ensure people with reduced mobility can use our products too. 

We also choose to avoid excess. We won't use technology if it adds unnecessary complexity or risks giving inaccurate readings. 

We also continuously seek counsel. From raw material specialists, to veterinarians, pet behaviourists, cat sitters, rescuers, breeders and house cat owners. 

We accept we can't please all the people all the time. Sometimes we have to compromise on design and functionality in exchange for resilient products that will stand the test of time. 

But we will always innovate. Developing products that improve how cats experience our homes. 

Our ethics

We use raw materials in the manufacturing of our products, so it's vital we have a very focused and realistic sustainability strategy. Our packaging is fully recyclable. Our products are designed to last a long time. We are investing in an 'upgrade programme' to dramatically reduce wastage. And as we start to grow we will also be giving a percentage of our profits to specific animal welfare organisations. 

As a responsible British business we will provide a positive workplace for all employees.

We will continue to innovate. Working with industry partners who can drive positive change. 

We're a customer first company. Always honest and transparent. 

All our suppliers and partners must have a strong and demonstrable environmental record. (e.g. all our manufacturers are audited annually).

We are committed to defending animal rights in all aspects of our business. 

Our products are built to last. This reduces environmental impact, and guards against over-production and waste. 

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