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Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Tray Design & Development Update

Updated: May 19

Latest Update - May 2023

Work is still well-underway with Bathroom - our self-cleaning cat litter tray. Since mid-2022 we have been redesigning the 'cabin' to be made out of curved wood.

This continues to be a challenge for us as these parts need to be highly accurate and the previous prototype parts we have made had too much variance in them. We are currently in discussions with a new wood specialist partner who has a unique and sustainable way of making curved wooden parts. A company based in Finland.

This blog post will be updated with more information once we have tested the feasibility and understand the costs associated with this new partner.


Introducing Bathroom

Formerly known as the LitterPod, Bathroom is our self-cleaning automatic litter tray. It will be a fabulous hassle-free solution for cat litter maintenance. Our innovative design takes care of cleaning and emptying itself, giving you more time to cherish moments with your cat companions.