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Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Tray Design & Development Update

Updated: 7 days ago

Latest Update - September 2023

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Some good progress over the last four weeks on our self-cleaning cat litter tray. We have started to install and test the electronics. The switch from a plastic cabin to one made of plywood and metal has resulted in an overall increase in weight.

To accommodate this we have needed to increase the weight tolerance of load cells from 20kg per corner to 40kg per corner. These have arrived and been tested. We have also found and sourced adjustable height feet from a local provider here in the UK.

We have also received and reviewed laminate choices from our partners who are based in near Helsinki, Finland. Our first two prototypes will have a white front and back and then wrapped in walnut or breeze oak, as pictured below:

Laminate Examples for Bathroom

Jari - our partner who leads our Scandinavian efforts from Finland has also visited and is working closely with wood manufacturer who will be making the curved panels. We've just pressed the green light on this and hope to have two completed sets for our pre-manufacturing prototypes ready for inspection in the next four to five weeks.

Once this is completed this leaves two outstanding design items:

  1. Complete the frame design for the waste compartment (this holds the waste bag)

  2. Find a manufacturer who can build and weld the rake (this has been an ongoing challenge)

With these two outstanding items finished, I'll be working closely with XED in Bristol to recalibrate the firmware and test, test, test...

Assuming we have ever box ticked at this point we'll be in a position for taking pre-orders.

Thanks for reading! I'll update this blog again in early October.




Introducing Bathroom

Formerly known as the LitterPod, Bathroom is our self-cleaning automatic litter tray. It will be a fabulous hassle-free solution for cat litter maintenance. Our innovative design takes care of cleaning and emptying itself, giving you more time to cherish moments with your cat companions.

Designed with your cat's comfort in mind, the Bathroom resembles a regular litter tray, creating a familiar and secure environment for your cat's toileting needs.

We take pride in our UK-based design and assembly, ensuring great quality and durability. The Bathroom features a sturdy metal frame, tray, and waste compartment door, all enclosed within an elegant curved wooden shell. It's not just practical, but will add a touch of glamour to your home decor.

Equipped with a smart cleaning mechanism, the Bathroom works with most clumping litters, maintaining a clean and hygienic space for your cat.


Benefits and functionality of our self-cleaning cat litter tray

At the heart of our design philosophy is simplicity, incorporating sustainable materials, thorough research on cat behaviour, and thoughtfully integrating technology where it enhances the experience.

Not only is Bathroom built to last mechanically, but we've also made it easy to upgrade its cosmetic features.

The key benefits of Bathroom:

It looks and feels like a normal litter tray.

A common challenge with current self-cleaning or automatic trays on the market is that their shape and design can feel alien to our cats. Big mechanical domes, small entrance ways or small internal cabin environments can stress our feline friends. So we have designed Bathroom to look and feel like a normal litter tray. It is spacious and airy and means there is no need for your cat to learn a new behaviour when using it.

It has a manual or automatic cleaning setting.

It has a ‘plow’ mode that allows you to fully empty all the litter in the tray.

It weights your cat accurately to 50g

It's quiet.

Designed for people with reduced mobility.

It has a sealed waste compartment.

It’s safe.

It works with most clumping litters.


When will Bathroom be available to buy?

We are still testing final prototypes and resolving some on-going supplier issues - but hope to start offering pre-orders to interested customers by October 2023. Retail pricing is yet to be confirmed. If you'd like to be notified please sign up with us.


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