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Welcome to our videos page. The humans love getting out their video camera and filming us going to the toilet in the LitterPod™. Which is a bit weird. But also, it's a great way to understand how it all works. 

Full Litter Change

When it's time to do the dreaded full litter change, it's time to deploy plough mode. This mode sweeps all of the litter in the waste compartment, making it easy to throw away old litter and fill up with the new. 

Removing the Rake

Sometimes the rake gets dirty and needs a clean. You can remove it at anytime. Just long press the home button and the rake will move to a point where it can be taken off. 

Switching between 

auto and manual

The LitterPod™ can be used in manual or automatic mode. In manual mode you need to press a button to run a cycle. Useful if you don't want it running at night or just prefer to be in control. In auto mode it'll run cleaning cycles once the cat is off doing there thing somewhere else. 

Setting the Delay

Because clumping litter types behave differently, we know it's important that clumps have plenty of time to dry before being removed. So you can set the delay before a cycle starts to your personal choice. The delay can be anything between one and seven minutes. 

Using with the lid off

For those cats that like to toilet 'al fresco', the LitterPod™ can be used with the lid off. However if you remove the lid it will default to manual mode automatically. This is an extra safety feature. 

LitterPod™ at the National Pet Show

James giving a quick walk through of how the LitterPod™ works, at day two of the National Pet Show 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham.

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