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The LitterPod® has been designed to be really familiar to cats. It has a large cabin space and the tray environment is the same shape and dimensions as a normal large litter environment. We have worked with hundreds of cat lovers to evolve its design. Here are some of the key benefits: 

Cleans Automatically

Weight and motion sensors work together to run a cleaning cycle after your cat has gone to the toilet.

Familiar and Safe

Designed to look and feel like a normal litter tray, means your cats should jump right in. The sensors make it 100% safe too. It will never run a cleaning cycle of your cats are in it or nearby. 

Measures Cat Weight

Weighs your cat while he or she is in the LitterPod® and displays an accurate reading on the front display. 

Inclusive Design

We have worked with wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility, to make the LitterPod® as easy to use as possible. 

Nice and Quiet

It's quiet so it won't spook your cats. Its maximum noise reading is 40 decibels, the same as a quiet conversation. 

Full Litter Change

The LitterPod® has a plow mode which allows you to do a full litter change automatically. Once completed wipe down the interior, give the rake a clean and add fresh litter. 




The LitterPod® has been through extensive testing and we are now ready to manufacture. In light of COVID-19 and the challenges of being a young start-up business, we have delayed our manufacturing to 2021. 

This additional time has allowed us to continue to test and refine the LitterPod® so that it is a super reliable, strong and brilliant product to use. We will be using all profit made from sales of the BrushPod™ to fund the manufacturing of the LitterPod® and will be offering every BrushPod™ customer a special discount offer on the LitterPod when we are ready to launch. 

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