The BrushPod®. The cat brush with catnip. 


This wonderful little curiosity is the world's first catnip brush. Our vet loves it. Kuba & Leia love it. And so do our cat loving customers. 


Designed to keep your cats coat shiny and healthy. It's great at helping manage and prevent matted fur and during the warmer months helps reduce cat hairballs. Important for medium and long haired cats wellbeing. 

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A Unique Brush Head 

Our four uniquely designed micro-meshes in the brush head allows the catnip aroma to breath through, but ensures none gets on to your cats fur. 


Soft and Safe

The bristles are made from a soft elastomer. Strong and safe, it's the perfect material choice for regular cat grooming. 

BrushPod® Lid Off

More than a brush (some little extras)

Every BrushPod contains a pair of soft touch claw clippers, a three-in-one laser toy (laser, torch and UC light) and a full canister of catnip.