£35 including P&P

This wonderful little curiosity is the world's first catnip brush. Our vet loves it. Kuba & Leia love it. And so do our cat loving customers. 


Does your feline friend shun the brush? Grooming a chore? The BrushPod is designed just for this - attracted to the catnip aroma, most brush-hating moggies can't resist!

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A Unique Brush Head 

Our four uniquely designed micro-meshes in the brush head allows the catnip aroma to breath through, but ensures none gets on to your cats fur. 

BrushPod® Sand Floor Five

Soft and Safe

The bristles are made from a soft elastomer. Strong and safe, it's the perfect material choice for regular cat grooming. 

BrushPod® Lid Off

More than a brush (some little extras)

Every BrushPod contains a pair of soft touch claw clippers, a three-in-one laser toy (laser, torch and UC light) and a full canister of catnip. 

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