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£35 including P&P

The BrushPod® is the world's first catnip brush. Beautifully designed, it's puurrfect for cats who love or hate being brushed alike. Giving your furry companion a little bit of euphoria everyday the Brushpod® is your go-to product for daily grooming, play and for keeping those sharp claws in check. Designed and manufactured in the UK using only the highest grade materials. 

Soft and Safe

The brush head is made up of a soft elastomer. Making it soft, strong and safe for cats. 

Keep Fresh

Our custom cylinder is a great place to store fresh catnip. We have a special blend that most cats will love. Catnip needs to be changed every two to three weeks to keep its potency.  

Cat Euphoria!

The proximity of catnip to the bristles in the brush head, will give most cats a wonderful euphoric experience!

Claw Clippers

Stainless steel custom claw clippers included. Great for keeping your cats claws trimmed. Claws should be clipped every 10 days to 2 weeks. 

No Mess

The BrushPod™ has a unique mesh system that prevents catnip getting onto your cat. 

3 in 1 Laser Toy

The included laser toy has three modes. A laser dot for crazy play. A torch for finding things in the dark and a UV light to uncover any urine spots in the house. 


£35 including P&P


The beautiful BrushPod™ is available to buy now. We ship to many countries across the world. Shipping to the UK is free, and shipping to other countries is calculated at checkout. Please note all BrushPod's are made, assembled and packaged in the UK so shipping times will vary depending on your location. 

Cat - Buy Now (Mustard).png
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