The Puurrfect Blend is our mix of Catnip and Matatabi (also known as Silver Vine). Total weight for the order is 20 grams, shipped in four biodegradable bags containg 5 grams each. 


Each BrushPod® tube takes 5 grams of the blend, so we've designed the bags for this purpose. The catnip and matatabi we source is both organically farmed and this years harvest. So it's responsibly sourced and fresh. And being a blend - this maximises the chance of your cats having a great experience when exposed to it, as somelove catnip, others love matabi, and most love both!


If you plan to pour the Puurrfect Blend into another tube or canister (a BrushPod® tube for example) and you don't have a small funnel at home. Don't worry! We've also included a fun funnel template to make this process easier and mess free. You just need some scissors.


By the way - in case you're wondering - biodegradeable bags should be placed in the normal residual bin, not your recycling one. These bags will first degrade and then biodegrade into environmentally-benign matter within months or years (depending on how much heat and light they're exposed to). 

The Puurrfect Blend - 20g (0.7oz)

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