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Know someone who'd love to buy a LitterPod™, but a contribution from you will help? We will send these £50 gift vouchers with a unique code in the post and also by email. All your cat loving friend and lucky recipient has to do is add this code at the checkout process and the discount will be applied. Each voucher can only be used once but multiple vouchers can be redeemed against a single purchase. 


We offer two voucher types. A Christmas themed one and a normal one themed one, please choose which one you'd like to send when checking out. 


Please note any purchase of a voucher guarantees we will hold at least one unit for this voucher to be applied to. This means, even if we do sell out, your recipient will be guranteed a Launch Edition version, irrespective of when the purchase is made. 

Gift Voucher - £50 Contribution to a LitterPod™

SKU: 800913
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