The BrushPod® is the world's first catnip cat brush.


It comes with a full tube of our organically sourced blend of catnip and matatabi. When you put this inside the brush head, the catnip and matatabi breathes through the specially designed mesh holes giving your cat a lovely euphoric experience while they're being brushed. 


We've used a 50 - 50 mix of catnip and matatabi to double the chances of your cat getting that euphoric high that all cats love. Of course it can be used as a regular brush too. 


Inside the main canister compartment you'll find a three-in-one laser pen with USB charger built in and a lovely pair of claw clippers - for when you're feeling brave enough! You'll also find our gorgeous toughened glass tube for safe storage of the purrfect blend. 


Loved by many cat owners and cats who previously hated being brushed.  A great gift for any cat lover.


Designed in the UK and made of sustainable and recyclable materials. Please note we give 5% of all BrushPod® sales to support the wonderful ERHAM charity. For more info check out our charity page here


For more information on the BrushPod's design story please read our blog here





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