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Why do cats walk on keyboards? The Furry Keyboard Invasion: Seven Ways to Save Your Typing Territory

Cat sleeping on keyboard

Hello, fellow cat-enthusiasts! If you're here, I bet you're part of the "My Cat Just Walked Across My Keyboard" club. It's an exclusive society where cats decide that the best place to flaunt their grace, elegance, and utter disregard for your work is your keyboard.

So why do cats walk on keyboards?

This behaviour is more than just a whimsical quirk; it's a lot to do of their perception of their surroundings.

Cats are creatures of habit, prioritising the value of their resources. When they notice an object, like a keyboard, drawing your attention, they perceive it to be valuable and seek to claim it. It's their way of saying that they, too, deserve your undivided attention.

Moreover, cats are drawn to the warmth of laptops and keyboards. They find the clicking and tapping sounds of a keyboard captivating, reminiscent perhaps of the rustling of prey. The pliant nature of keys that 'give' when pressed may remind them of hunting insects.

Lastly, cats love contact. Walking on keyboards allows them to be close to you, their favourite person. This is testament to the bond between you and your feline friend - a bond that transcends the digital realm and anchors in the heart of emotional connection.

So the next time your cat struts across your keyboard, take comfort that it's their way of communicating affection, interest, and asserting their place in your world.

Still driving you to distraction? Fear not brave cat owner. We've got seven effective strategies to reclaim your keyboard and turn your furry invader into a peaceful observer.

1. Dangle the Distraction: Toy Time

Cat sleeping after playing

Fluffy thinks your keyboard is a plaything? Show them what real toys look like. Feathers, bells, or a laser pointer can work wonders. Watch them ditch your boring keyboard for the exciting chase of a shiny new toy!

2. Luxury Lounging: The VIP Cat Bed

Cat in luxury cat bed

Your keyboard is warm and cozy, but can it compete with a plush cat bed? Make your cat an offer they can't refuse—a VIP spot complete with a snuggly bed and a personal heating pad. Your keyboard will soon lose its appeal.

3. Window Wonder: Kitty TV

Cat looking out window

Why watch a dull screen when you can watch 'Catflix'? Set up a window perch for your feline friend. With birds, bugs, and leaves in action, it's a blockbuster show that'll keep your cat hooked and off your keyboard.

4. The Irresistible Lure: Catnip Magic

Cat with catnip

If your cat is still stubborn, bring out the big guns—catnip. Sprinkle some on their favorite toy or bed and watch your cat forget all about their keyboard obsession.

5. Exhaustion Strategy: Pre-Work Workout

Exhausted Cat

Try tiring out your cat with a vigorous play session before your work begins. A worn-out kitty is less likely to invade your workspace and more likely to sleep off their exhaustion (preferably not on your keyboard).

6. The Sound of Snooze: Classical Cat Lullabies

A cello on white background

Who knew Mozart could be your ally? Classical music has been known to calm cats. Play some soothing symphonies and watch your cat doze off, leaving you free to work without any 'purrsonal' interruptions.

7. The Treat Trick: Keyboard-Free Rewards

Cats receiving treats

Every time your cat chooses to lounge somewhere other than your keyboard, reward them with a treat. Before long, they'll realize that staying off the keyboard equals delicious goodies!

In the end, remember that your feline friend isn't trying to sabotage your work—they just want to be close to you. With these devious plans, who knows, maybe, just maybe you'll have a day that's finally free from furry invaders!


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