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The benefits of elevated, tilted and shallow cat bowls

Updated: 6 days ago

There has been a growing awareness of the benefits of choosing shallow and height-adjustable or elevated cat food bowls because they can help prevent 'whisker fatigue' and promote better eating posture for cats.

Whisker fatigue is when a cat's sensitive whiskers are overstimulated by the sides of a deep food or water bowl. This can be

distracting for them as they eat or drink and may cause mild discomfort.

For some reading this I appreciate you might feel like this is overkill and not representative of how our cats eat out in the wild. But as an innovator and small design team, we're obsessed with making products for fellow cat owners (and Kuba and Leia too) that take health and wellbeing to the max.

So DINE - our height adjustable, tilted and shallow cat food bowl - has been designed with the benefits below in mind.

Benefits of Shallow Cat Bowls

Elevated and Tilted Cat Food Bowl

Shallow cat bowls can help prevent whisker fatigue by allowing cats to eat without rubbing their whiskers against the sides of the bowl.

In addition cats are natural hunters and prefer to eat from a flat surface, similar to the ground. Shallow cat bowls mimic this natural feeding behaviour - making for a more comfortable and uninterrupted eating experience.

Benefits of Elevated Cat Bowls

Elevated and Tilted Render of Cat Food Bowl

Cats that have to bend down too far to reach their food and water bowls can experience discomfort - this can be especially true in older cats.

Eating in an elevated position is beneficial as it relieves pressure on the joins and neck and is generally more comfortable.

Overall it's just a more natural position for cats to eat - and one interesting benefit we've seen with Kuba & Leia is they no longer paw food out of the bowl to each meaning less spillage and clearing up to do!



s of a Stainless Steel Cat Bowl

Close up of stainless steel cat food bowl

When choosing cat bowls, it's also important to consider the material they are made from.

Plastic bowls can harbour bacteria and - especially in hard water areas - limescale can build it up over time making them harder to clean and generally need replacing more often.

By comparison stainless steel and ceramic bowls good options because they are easy to clean and being a less porous material are better at resisting bacteria. Stainless steel in particular is widely used in the medical industry for its hygienic properties.


Keeping Cat Bowls Clean and Well-Maintained

A set of cleaning sponges

In addition to choosing the right type of cat bowls, it's also important to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Cat bowls should be washed regularly with hot, soapy water and rinsed thoroughly to remove any residue or bacteria. They should also be replaced periodically to prevent wear and tear and to ensure that they are still safe for your cat to use.

At Kuba & Leia we desi

gned DINE to address the challenges outlines in this short blog. DINE is our height adjustable and tilted double cat food bowl. It is hand made and the custom-made stainless steel bowls are very shallow and wide. To find out more and to purchase click the button below.


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