Updated: Mar 2

We take sustainability seriously and want to make sure the LitterPod™ is a long-term product that will stand the test of time. Here we share information on our 'Upgrade Programme' and what this means to you as a wonderful LitterPod™ customer .


In simple terms after a few years of ownership, we will contact you to offer to collect and upgrade your LitterPod™.

When we have your unit, we will hygienically clean all the plastic components, replace any damaged parts and then add some exciting new upgrades.

This will likely include a new rake / plough, a new motor, smart technology (such as a cool new smartphone app) and potentially a new camera. We're also looking at battery options.

This refresh and upgrade does not impact on any of the plastic parts, which means we give you a good-as-new LitterPod™ that performs better than the day you bought it. The best thing about this, is we can do all of this without having to manufacture any major new parts. As such the 'shell' of the LitterPod will be the same as when you bought it.

The upgrade programme will be a chargeable service, but will be significantly cheaper than having to buy a new unit.

Why does this MATTER?

We're acutely aware of the importance of making sustainable products. Our upgrade programme allows us to significantly reduce our manufacturing footprint, ensures our product doesn't become a burden to recycling centres, and allows us to have a closer relationship with you - our cat loving customers.

We expect one LitterPod™ to outlast ten cheap litter trays during its lifetime. We also want to work with our customers to use cat litters that are sustainably sourced - such as grass, maize or corn based litters. Because litter has an environmental footprint too, so it's beneficial if the litter we use comes from an abundant resource.

We live in a time where the environment is now the number one concern for many people. Directly related and impacted by this is the welfare of animals and wildlife. And as we grow as a business we plan to support other organisations who do amazing work in this space - specifically improving the wellbeing of our furry friends.

When will you have all the pricing and details confirmed?

We don't know yet. Obviously we need to make sure the pricing is commercially viable, but we also expect it to be significantly cheaper than buying a new unit or selling your old one on something like eBay. We want it to be an easy purchase decision for you, so will work hard to make it cost effective.

We also need to be clear on what parts will need refreshing versus parts we can add that give the LitterPod new functionality. Once we have visibility on all of this and factored in things like shipping costs, we'll be ready to reach out to you. This will likely be after two or three years of ownership, but we'll be sure to keep you posted on how things are going well before this.

Got questions, thoughts or ideas?

We'd love to hear from you at anytime and welcome thoughts or ideas about how we could take our Upgrade Programme to the next level.

Contact us anytime at meow@kubaandleia.com

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