Updated: Mar 7

The LitterPod™ has been designed to be fully upgradeable ♻️. At Kuba & Leia we will be a sustainable business, with a light manufacturing paw print 🐾 and designing products that last and grow with you over time. No landfill. No wasted raw materials. Starting as we mean to go on.

Check out this short animation we put together that explains things a bit more:

How does it work and what will it cost?

The LitterPod™ has been designed to be super strong and made of the best raw materials we can get our paws on. But any product that is repeatedly weed, pooed and scratched in is going to need some TLC ❤️ over time.

There are key parts that may need repairing after a number of years of usage. Perhaps the tray needs reskimming and properly cleaning. A new better performing motor might be useful. A new rake may be helpful.

At the same time while your cats are busy loving their LitterPod™, we'll be busy working on improvements in the background. This might include a new and improved rake. A new front sensor that has more functionality. An internal camera. A smartphone app. Perhaps a replaceable battery. We have lots of ideas we want to get working on!

Because we've designed the launch version of the LitterPod™ to be full upgradeable we can add all these new parts into the existing shell of your current LitterPod™. By taking it back off you we can give it a new lease of life - all without manufacturing any new plastic or metal parts.

We think this is so much better than a warranty or guarantee, because it puts the responsibility on us to make sure we build and deliver you the best performing product we can - long term! Although to be clear the LitterPod does come with a one year guarantee as standard too.

The upgrade programme is completely optional. At this stage we're not 100% what the cost will be as it will depend on the cost of the new parts we add for you. We may have Gold, Silver and Bronze options. Which might look something like this.

Gold - Full Repair and Upgrade

Silver - Full Repair and Partial Upgrade (you choose what parts you want)

Bronze - Full Repair only

We will price competitively to what a typical guarantee / warranty would normally cost.

We will of course keep all our customers updated with this.

We really hope you like this concept and will join us on our journey by backing us on Indiegogo.

James, Kuba & Leia 😻❤️❤️😻😺

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