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The Pawsitive Path: Our Nine Lives Guarantee

Hello, cat lovers!

Combining our love for cats and a strong sense of duty, we're all about creating items that not only make your cats purr with pleasure but stand the test of time and stay out of landfill!

We hope you only ever need to buy our products once, that they bring you and your cat joy and wellbeing, and that they may even get passed down from generation to generation.

An origami cat

Striking the Purrr-fect Balance

Sure, there will always be a bit of a tug-of-war between creating delightful cat-centric designs and choosing earth-friendly materials. But who said we can't have both?

Even as a sprightly young start-up, we've focused on designing our products without any costly manufacturing footprint by working with local craftspeople and low volume wood, metal and electronics specialists.

But more than this we've designed our products so that they are - as much as they can be - a modular design. This means parts are easy to replace. So if anything goes wrong with your purchase we can quickly send you a replacement part making it as good as new and extending it's life.

The Nine Live Guarantee: Building a Sustainable Future, One Product at a Time

A cat sleeping on shoulder

We’re committed to sustainability and long-lasting quality. This is why we're proud to offer you a ‘Nine Lives Guarantee’ on our products.

Under this guarantee, we pledge to replace any broken part of our products - up to nine times - for free (excluding postage and packaging). For us this is about great customer service and doing our part to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

Redefining Durability

In a world where design obsolescence has become normalised, we have decided to be different.

We resent the idea of creating products that are designed to fail after a certain period of time, only to end up in landfill and forcing us into a cycle of paying for upgrades or replacing items. Instead, we are focusing on producing high-quality items that are built to last a lifetime.

The Nine Live Guarantee is our way of saying that we stand by the durability of our products. If a part does break, we'll replace it, not once, not twice, but up to nine times. That’s nine lives for your product, mirroring nature's most resilient creature, cats.

This model aims to minimise waste and make the most of resources, keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible. By offering to replace parts instead of entire products, we ensure that our items stay out of landfill and in your homes looking great for generations to come.

Great for our customers! Great for the environment.

Transparency - Keeping it Clear and Cat-friendly

We know you may have questions, and we're here to answer them all. From detailed FAQs and product pages to technical factsheets for each product, we've got you covered. Plus, rest assured knowing that all our products are safe for your feline friends and our packaging is recyclable.

Our Future - A Journey Worth Joining

As a boutique business fuelled by cat love, our goal is to create beautiful, useful products while leaving a minimal paw-print on the world.

We're committed to reinvesting profits into our people, partners, and, of course, our customers around the globe.

The future might be uncertain, but with you by our side, we're excited about the journey ahead. So, come aboard—let's make the world a better place, one cat at a time!

Paws up, James, Kuba, and Leia


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