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Kuba & Leia Newsletters

Updated: Nov 16

Each month, we create and share our newsletter celebrating places, spaces and products designed specifically with our feline overlords in mind. We also share some of our behind the scenes design stories, learnings and challenges happening at Kuba & Leia.

It's the main way we stay in touch with our fuurriends, customers and community. Below are links to all the previous newsletters. If you like what you see and would like to be on the list, come onboard! We'd love for you to join us.


October 2023

In October we explored 'why cats walk on and sleep on keyboards', included a poll to see if using Elk Leather in our upcoming self-litter tray is ok, shared the science on catnip and gave some thoughts on the dreaded furball.

Read it here.


September 2023

A Cat Wearing Headphones

In September, we explored how Peta and TeachKind are rethinking common idioms we've grown up using. Plus a Portuguese vineyard that makes animal branded wine, and the purrfect party playlist full of songs about all things felines. Oh and the best gift we had in a long time.

Read it here.


August 2023

Cat Art

In our August newsletter we explored the myth of 'nine lives', some poetry to get your whiskers twitching, something weird, and also let you know about our venture into the world of large-format art.

Read it here.


July 2023

Cat Museum Amsterdam

In July we reflected on a wonderful cat museum in Amsterdam, what to expect from cat food, a brilliant coffee table book and the joys of designing with jesmonite.

Read it here.


June 2023

Lion sculpture

In our first newsletter we reflected on our amazing trip to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, a great book to read and the sculpture works of Matt Matt Buckley.

Read it here.


We take email privacy seriously so bundle everything up that's happening in the world of Kuba & Leia into one monthly newsletter. If you share our love for all things cats and would like to join our growing community, or have ideas of subjects or topics you'd like us to cover - I hope you'll sign up with us.

Thanks for reading.

James and the team.

Kuba & Leia 😻😺

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