What's in a cat's name?

Updated: Feb 21

We've been astonished by the sheer variety of cat names our amazing subscribers have given their feline overlords. From the peculiar, to the romantic, to the completely bonkers.

This blog is a review of 1,927 cat names submitted to us. From this review we've identified the following ten themes:

Let's explore!



There's no doubt that when it comes to naming our cats, we all love a good classic 'human' name. In fact 43% of the names in our sample are in this category.

Check out the word cloud below for some cool examples.

BTW - in each of the word clouds that follow throughout this blog - the bigger the name, the more frequent it is! As you can see Bella is the stand out favourite with a grand total of 24 people giving their cats this beautiful name.



Next up is a group that we're calling 'Eclectic & Eccentric'. Here we find the slightly odd, whacky and sublime. This is the second most popular category coming in at 13% of the total.

We've learned a few new words from this group too. Here are some curiosities:

  • Bollen, a strange name for a cat which means 'swollen' or 'inflated'

  • Burzum, meaning 'darkness' in the Lord of the Rings trilogy

  • Gnar, a term used by extreme sports guys and gals to mean an extremely snow or ocean wave

  • Fodor, apparently a nickname in Hungarian for someone who has curly hair?

Here's the word cloud!



Up next with 11% are cats named after famous characters. People are so inventive with the names they choose. From the examples below, some are pretty obvious, but many are much more ambiguous (much Googling involved!)

Our personal favourite is 'Rengar'. Who - apparently is a kitty cat from the game League of Legends that likes humping people from afar by pouncing on them from a bush.

Yes you read that right!


ONOMATOPOEIA (well... sort of)

This is certainly one of our favourite groups. We're loosely calling this one 'onomatopoeia'.

For those who need reminding, onomatopoeia is the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound that it describes. Words like 'oink' or 'miaow' are great examples.

Now don't get us wrong, we know that some of the words in this group aren't really onomatopoeic. But we've included them because they kind of feel right to be in this group. So please allow us a bit of poetic license!

Hope you'll agree there's some fun names in this group.



This one made us famished. It seems us hoomans are obsessed by food. From snacks to booze, we think there are some cracking names in this group.

We're big fans of 'Nacho', 'Frappé' and 'Pickle'. Our hooman also loves a good 'Guinness'.


Romance & Mythology

This is the super sophisticated group. They reflect beautiful words that have romantic of mythological roots.

We wanted to call out some unusual examples:

  • Euphrosyne. The goddess of cheer, joy and mirth!

  • Lia. Bearer of good news

  • Tyr. God of war

  • Osiris. Egyptian Lord of the underworld!

  • Medli. Sage of the Earth

One that really stood out to us is Persephone, the 'bringer of destruction'. A very apt name for any very naughty cat!


Nature & Animals

Next up at 5% are names associated with nature and animals. When we were bringing this list together, we noticed how these words - in the main - sound and feel really positive.

So we think of this group as the feel-good group!


Places & Things

At 2.5% are places and things. Despite being a much smaller group - it's a really diverse mix. Arguably some of these names could also sit in other categories, but names like 'Pebbles', 'Wicket', 'Satin' and 'Tinsel' feel like they tell their own stories!



So for our penultimate group at 1.5% are names that have some sort connection to emotion. We accept many of these could sit in the romantic and mythology group too, but we just felt there's something different about them.



Our last group at 1%, are cat's named after colours. Or weirdly, actually named 'colours'.


What are the top 25 names of all groups?

And to finish, I'm sure you're just as curious as we are as to what names were most popular overall!

Check out the word cloud below for the full list, but the top five were as follows:

  1. Luna - 26 times

  2. Bella - 17 times

  3. Oreo - 13 times

  4. Leo - 12 times

  5. Pepper - 9 times

Testament to how wonderfully original you brilliant cat lovers are, we find it interesting how each of these top five names each sit in one of the categories we've created for this blog!

Really hope you've enjoyed this slightly tongue-in-cheek exploration of all the different types of names we give our feline fuurriends.

Thanks for reading and thanks so much to those who have signed up with us over the last year.

Stay safe.

James, Kuba & Leia. 😻😺😺😻😻🐾

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