The LitterPod® works with clumping litters.

There are hundreds of different clumping litter brands. While we have tested over 40 different types (and all have performed well), we wanted to write a short blog here that shares some of our observations.

We hope this is useful as we know cat's can be very fussy about what litter they use - so if you have been using pellets, non-clumping or crystal litters - you'll need to make the switch to a clumping litter if you decide a LitterPod is for you and your furry friends!

So why does it have to be a clumping litter?

The short answer is because the LitterPod uses a rake based system to self-clean. The rake has to be able to sift through the litter to pick up the clumps and other waste.

What type of clumping litter works best?

In our testing we have noted heavier clay litters behave differently to lighter corn, kernel, maize or grass litters. With Kuba & Leia we always use the latter as we like the fact they are more sustainable (clay litters are quarried).

We're really pleased in our testing that all litter's performed well, but we've summarised some useful findings below:

Why is the litter depth limited to 40mm (4cm)?

Over the years we've refined the design of the LitterPod so that it's as compact as possible. There are two main reasons that the maximum litter depth is 40mm:


At 40mm the tray of the LitterPod takes exactly five litres of litter. This is also close to the maximum volume of a supermarket carrier bag. Because the LitterPod also fully empties the tray when a full litter change is required - we wanted to make sure all the litter would fit in the bag in the waste compartment.


The LitterPod has been designed to be 100% safe for cats. As part of our design process we always wanted to use a low power motor unit to drive the rake and plow. The motor we're using took two years to source and refine. It's 12V DC (so really low power) but has very high torque capabilities being able to push 50kg worth or resistance. Heavy clay litters put a lot of load on the rake and plow and the resistance goes up exponentially for every additional mm of litter volume you put in. We found 40mm is optimal to make sure the motor will never be over worked over many years of ownership!

Having met with many large breed owners, we do know that many cat owners use significantly more litter than 40mm. Unfortunately if this is the case the LitterPod won't be the right product for you.

What litter are you using with Kuba & Leia?

We must say a massive thanks to Kuba and Leia. Over the last two years they've had to test many different types of clumping litters.

We'd say their favourite is a grass based clumping litter that we source from a local farm here in the UK. It's sustainable, eco-friendly, smells like Weetabix and clumps really quickly. it's soft on their paws too.

However, like all litter's there are always pros and cons. The cons with the grass litter we use is it tracks quite badly outside the tray. But nothing a quick vacuum won't fix!

Not sure what litter to use?

While we don't promote or recommend any particular brand of litter, if you're unsure or just want to check that the litter you are currently using will work well in the LitterPod, just drop us a note with a picture of the litter you use or tell us the brand name / product type. We'll be more than happy to check for you!

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Lots of love K&L.

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