The BrushPod® design story.

Updated: Feb 5

The idea for the BrushPod® came from Jari and Virpi, our partners in Helsinki, Finland.

Our thinking behind a catnip brush started as an exploration of how lots of cats don't enjoy being brushed and groomed. We wanted to understand how we could create a better, more playful, experience while also adding some other cool things into the mix too.

Jari created a basic prototype by converting a soft bristle hair brush. He perforated some holes around the bristles to allow the catnip to 'breath' through as the cats were being brushed.

Here are some images of that original prototype below:

Jari and Virpi kindly sent a couple of prototypes to us in the UK. We were curious to see how Kuba and Leia would respond and wanted our London-based product design team to get researching and developing!

Kuba hasn't been a fan of being brushed. Leia's up for it if she's in the mood, but as a pair grooming them has always been more chore than pleasure.

So what we didn't expect is for Kuba to indulge in a five minute nuzzling session and then drag the prototype into the kitchen, where he played with it, stared and sniffed at it and then fell asleep next to it! 😻😺

We wanted to design a product that was more than just a brush. We wanted something that would enhance the 'quality time' we spend with our cats.

We knew that we wanted to design a product that at its heart is a catnip brush. But it also got us thinking about how brushing our cats is an important sharing-moment because it's when we spend quality time with our feline friends.

So we wanted to enhance this experience, by thinking about the ideas of 'play' and 'wellbeing'.

We know claw health - particularly for indoor cats - is important. So including a set of claw clippers and a laser pen made sense to us. All cats love chasing lasers!

And so the BrushPod® was born. A cat toolkit, which lets us spend quality time with our feline overlords!

Choosing sustainable materials

Choosing sustainable and safe materials is key to our design process. The main parts of the BrushPod® are made from ABS and TPU - both non toxic, odourless, safe, and recyclable materials.

The claw claw clippers are made from steel and TPE and can also be recycled.

The catnip canister is made of toughened, borosilicate glass. We chose this for better safety as it is very hard to break and also because of its hygiene properties. One down side is that because it has a higher melting point than normal glass it is not as easily recycled, so will need checking with your local recycling centre.

The laser pen has a lithium battery inside, so like any other small electronic device would be recycled as a small or electrical appliance.

Of course our packaging is recyclable too.

Our design philosophy

To finish this blog we wanted to sign off by sharing a little on our design philosophy.

Kuba & Leia is focused on designing beautiful and useful products for cats. Our view is that great design and quality is often missing in the world of cat products.

So our mission is to offer fellow cat lovers like you products that tell a story, are designed with care but most importantly in some way improve the health and wellbeing of our feline friends.

As a boutique business our products are low-volume, made from sustainable, safe and long lasting materials and always designed to stand the test of time.

Contact us anytime if you want to know more, or head over to Chatty Cat - our members only forum - to discuss all things cat!

Thanks for reading.

James, Kuba & Leia.

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