Great Design
For Cats

We are equally passionate about design as we are cats. We're a boutique business designing and manufacturing luxury products for felines and their owners. We're based in Henley-on-Thames in South Oxfordshire, England.  


Kuba & Leia are our two British Shorthairs. They drive everything we do. 

We design and make bespoke and beautifully crafted cat curiosities that enrich the lives of cats. 

We make, package and ship our designs from our small studio near Henley on Thames. We partner with some of the best family owned manufacturing and materials specialists across the UK. For example 100% of the parts for the LitterPod are sourced in the UK. 

We're always working on new ideas, and love meeting fellow cat people, so if you'd like to join our community be sure to sign up with us. 

Cute Cat


Many companies who make things, do so on the basis of 'planned obsolescence'. Essentially deliberately designing their products so that they fail or break and need to be replaced. 

We think this is crazy. It's wasteful. Damaging to the planet. And economically unsound. 

Our sustainable approach to design is based on the circular economy. Our products are built to last. We use non-intensive manufacturing processes and have designed the LitterPod to be fully repairable and upgradeable. 

Most of our products are also made-to-order, ensuring no wasted energy or raw materials. 

Reduce, Reuse, Upgrade.

The LitterPod is a modular design and is upgradeable. Our philosophy is to repair and update what exists, not constantly make new. 

Man in Workshop

Using Innovative Materials

Wherever possible we're using natural and abundant raw materials. We also prefer textured and organic parts over plastic. 

3D Manufacturing Printer

Made to Order

With the exception of the BrushPod, all our products are made to order. This means no wasted materials, no storing stock, no shelf lives. It also means that every product we send to our customers is made with love. 

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