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Beautiful Curiosities for Cats

Hand crafted in Oxfordshire, England 


Hand Cast Food Bowl

Cat Food Bowl

New for 2023, our hand made food bowl is available in a range of colours and finishes. 


Soft Bristle Cat Brush

Cat Brush

For the curious cat. Our unique brush combines soft bristle grooming with play and catnip. 


Self Cleaning Litter Tray

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Tray

Coming later in 2023. Our self cleaning litter tray is a super luxe loo for cats.  

Two Cats

For Them

Cats feature in mythology, in legend, in political history, in poetry, novels and stories.


They are the subject of mystique and cunning.   


Their instinctive desire to roam and hunt and striking resemblance to their big feline relatives reminds us that our relationships are sophisticated, rich and multi-faceted - things only cat owners understand. 

Our role as cat mum or cat dad, provider of food, safety, enrichment and love, is uniquely parental and speaks to the familial form of love the ancient Greeks name 'storge'.


They help our houses become homes. They provide comfort and companionship. The power of their purrs and displays of affection soothe our nerves. 


Everything we design, we design for them. 

Made in Oxfordshire, England. 

Our studio is in the market town of Henley on Thames. We partner with a range of craftspeople to design and make luxury cat products. We offer hand made, interior-led, customisable interpretations of the objects that cats need for their health and wellbeing in the home. 

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