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What is your return policy and product warranty?

Our products can be returned, as long as they are unused and in their original packaging within 30 days of receipt. The buyer is respnsibile for paying the return shipping costs. To arrange a return, email us anytime at All our products come with a one year warranty as standard. Please check our terms & conditions for more information.

Do you ship to my country?

We sell the Brushpod® through two websites. This is site and our partner in Finland. Please note, in light of the situation with both COVID and Brexit, if you are based in the EU and you place an order from us, your order will be shipped direct from Finland and not the UK. This means you will NOT be charged any custom fees. We are lucky to have a wonderful partner based near Helsinki. Countries we ship to are detailed below. However if your country isn't listed feel free to email us and we'll see if we can arrange special shipping for you. You can reach us at Our partners based in Helsinki, Finland also sell products to specific markets. Their website is and the list of countries they ship to is as follows: Please note, as the LitterPod® is not being manufactured at this time, we're not clear which markets we will be able to ship it to. Once we know more we will update this page.

How much does shipping cost and how long does shipping take?

Orders to the UK, USA, Canada or all shipped from the UK. Orders to the EU are shipped by our partners in Finland. UK orders are normally free of charge and delivered within three working days. But there are options for speedier delivery times. Shipping costs and estimated delivery times for all overseas orders are calculated at checkout. Please note all international orders are tracked.

I've seen some fake adverts pretending to sell your product(s). Are you the real deal?

Like many organisations we have unfortunately been targeted by scammers who pretend to sell our products for very low prices. These scammers use social media (especially Facebook). We know how disconcerting this can be, so wish to assure you that the BrushPod® and LitterPod® are products that are 100% designed by us and our team here in the UK. They have registered Trademarks and Design Registrations, and we actively pursue - as best as a small business can - any business or person that infringes them. If you have seen a fake advert or a suspicious business and would like to let us know about it, please contact us at at anytime. We sincerely hope you haven't been affected by these fraudsters!

Will I have to pay any customs duties to receive a product I've purchased from you?

All our products are shipped from our logsitics partner in Bristol, United Kingdom. Custom duties vary from country to country and are not controlled or influenced by us. It is therefore possible that you may have to pay an import fee. Unfortunately this is out of our control and can happen from time to time, but does not affect most orders. Please also note, with the UK leaving the EU on 1st January, it is - at the time of writing - unclear what tariffs or import duties may apply to any orders sent to EU countries in the future. We will update our shipping info and this FAQ section when we know more.

Our pricing, stock management and replinishment times.

We use small, family run manufacturers to make our products. As a boutique business we are careful to order our stock based on customer demand. This can mean from time to time we may be out of stock for a 30 to 60 day period. When this happens we always update the website with expected replenishment dates and offer you the option to sign up to be notified when stock is available. Because we order in small batches and use high grade materials our pricing is at the premium end of the market. Our products - unique to us - are designed by our own research and development team from the ground up. No expense is spared in this process, making us very different to mass market pet product makers.

Can I order in my own currency?

You can indeed. There's a currency dropdown on the top menu bar of our website. Please select your currency and our online shop will update accordingly. The change is based on current exchange rates and is set by a thrid party not us. Please note the amount you are debited may vary slightly from the amount quoted.

What about shipping to the EU and the current customs fiasco?

We know many of our EU potential customers may be nervous about buying from the Kuba & Leia UK website. As you may be aware custom duties are now due on products being shipped between the UK and Europe and there are on-going shipping challenges. The good news is, if you are based in the EU and you place an order with us. Your order will be fulfilled and shipped by our Finnish partner based just outside of Helsinki. Our current postage and packaging fees are calaculated at checkout. So no need to worry about customs fees or shipment delays when ordering with us. With this said, we hope the UK government and the EU will work to resolve this issue quickly as many of our fellow businesses are being directly impacted.


Is catnip and matabi safe for cats?

Most research says yes and PETA also endorses the use of catnip. There are many variants and it's very likely your cat will respond to differenty types with a bit of trial and error. In fact, we've written a blog that looks at the research based on peer revied studies on this, which you can read here.

What if my cat doesn't respond to catnip or matatabi?

It's very unlikely that your cat won't respond to catnip or matabi. Please note young kittens under 6 weeks are non responsive. We've written a blog on things you can do or try here, which also looks at peer reviewed research into the effects of catnip and matabi. You can read it here.

I have a long haired cat, will the brush work?

We've put a lot of effort into finding the ideal bristle length for short, medium and long haired cats. However the brush isn't designed for dealing with heavy fur matting and as such we recommend using the BrushPod® as a fun addition to your normal grooming rituals. For short and medium haried cats, we have found that regular brushing with the BrushPod® is a great all-round grooming solution. Well, Kuba and Leia both seem pretty happy - and their coats are nice and shiny!

Is the laser toy included with the BrushPod® safe?

It is. It has a 1milliwatt laser which is considered eye safe.

How long does the catnip / matabi last?

Unopened catnip should stay fresh for up to a year. Once opened it can last for a few months, but potency will wane over time. You can generally tell when it's fresh as it has a woody and minty aroma.

What is the BrushPod® made from?

It is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Very common and widely recyclable materials.

What are the dimensions of the BrushPod®?

The BrushPod has a diameter of 110mm and is 175mm high.

Why are you using biodegradeable bags and how do I dispose of them?

As the eagle eyed among you may have spotted, we sell our Puurrfect Blend in biodegradable bags. The bags we use are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags. After about one year their useful shelf life ends and they will first degrade and then biodegrade into environmentally-benign matter. The process for this happens in just months or years, rather than decades or centuries (depending on how much heat and light they're exposed to). As part of our focus on being a responsible business - we believe that this is a better solution to recycled or recylable plastic bags as these often end up in the Oceans or landfill. We feel better knowing our bags will become benign in a relatviely short period of time. Biodegradable bags are different to recyclable bags - so they should go into your normal waste bin and not your recyling bin.


When will the LitterPod® be available?

We are currently at the funding stage, so can't at this time confirm when we will have stock. For more information check out this page. We will be using every penny of profit we make from the BrushPod® to fund the build of the LitterPod®. So please do buy a BrushPod® if you'd like to help us get the LitterPod® project funded. All current customers and those who previously backed us on Indiegogo will be offered a special one-off VIP price once the LitterPod® is available. The great news is we are ready to manufacture the LitterPod®. The product is real-world tested and is something we're really excited about. To be kept in the loop about progress be sure to sign up with us.

What types of litter does it the LitterPod® work with?

Any type of clumping litter. It performs best with heavier clay litters. It does not work with silica, pellet or non clumping litters.

What bags does the LitterPod® use?

You can use any standard sized carrier or grocery bag. The bag simply clips to the frame. The bag should be at at least seven litres in size in order to manage a full litter change.

How often do I need to empty the LitterPod® bag?

It depends on how many cats you have, the numbr of trays you have in the house and how often they go to the toilet. Kuba & Leia pretty much only use the LitterPod® now, so despute us having three tray in total we have to swap out the bag once every two to three days. We also fully clean and change the litter rougly once every 20 days.

How often should I run a full litter change?

This depends on what litter you use, how many cats you have and the frequency they use the LitterPod®. Most litter brands will advise how often they recommend changing, with many suggesting every 30 days. Personally for Kuba & Leia we run a full change at least every 20 days. From time to time Leia may spray or spot wee on the waste comparment lid or the internal side panels, so we've got in the habit of checking for this and wiping down as required. The entire internal cabin evnrionment is made from highly resistant materials. The rake should be cleaned every week too. It's easily removed to be washed and cleaned. The rake is made form stainless steel and ABS plastic so will not rust.

How safe is the LitterPod®?

Very. The four weight sensors work in combination with the motion sensor above the entrance to esnure the rake doesn't move when a cat is in or near the LitterPod®. We have also developed a special code for the electronics where before any cleaning cycle the LitterPod® 'self diagnosis'. This checks to make sure all the weight and motion sensors are responding. We've worked very hard to ensure the LitterPod® is safe for cats.

How reliable is the LitterPod®?

We have develped multiple prototypes and test rigs over the last four years. The pre-production versions continue to perform well. Obviously, real world testing is something we have not been able to do yet as the LitterPod® is not on the market. But we have done everything we can to make the LitterPod® a simple, reliable and robust product. We have every confidence it will do you proud. Every LitterPod® come with a no quibble 12 month guarantee and we will also be offering every customer the option to upgrade their unit after a few years of ownership. For more information please visit our about us page.

How accurate are the weight sensors?

They are accurate to 50g. They also are sensitive enought to pick up weight from 250g, meaning even the lightest kitten pawprint is picked up by the sensors. We've been using the prototype we have at home (that Kuba & Leai use everyday) as a way to measure the weight of items before going to the Post Office! I nice side benefit.

How do I clean the LitterPod®?

After you've run a full litter empty, the LitterPod® internal cabin and rake / plow can all be wiped down with soapy water. All components are made from aluminium, stainless steel and ABS so will not rust. You're welcome to use any normal household detergent, but please remember that bleach in high concentration must be kept away from cats.

What are the dimensions and weight of the LitterPod®?

The LitterPod® weighs 16kg and is 596mm wide x 585mm high x 450mm deep.

Why is there no smart technology / bluetooth app?

It's important to stress that the LitterPod® has been designed to make our lives easier, but we must also have a relationship with our cat's toilets habits. Our philosophy is based on improving our cat's wellbeing, but this can't be achieved if the product is 100% autonomous. It's essential we as cat owners check the health of our cats stools, to regularly empty the waste bag and to comepltely change the litter and wipe down the LitterPod® at least once a month. We know that an app could measure frequency of use, or allow us to remotely run a cycle whenever we want, but in our experience this technology is still unreliable. We want the LitterPod® to be a robust and simple to use product - hence we designed it to have three buttons that does everything you need it to. Of course we're continously undertaking research and development and will likely add useful and purposeful technology as part of our upgrade programme in the future.

I previously pre-ordered / was an Indiegogo backer. Will you offer a discount when the LitterPod® is available?

First of all, thanks so much for getting behind us previously. Your support has been brilliant. Previous backers and people who pre-ordered with us will be offered a discount on a LitterPod® when it's available. As will anyone who orders a BrushPod®. We have a record of everyone who did back us previously, so there's no need to do anything. We'll be in touch!

How good is the LitterPod® at controlling smell / odor?

When designing any of our products we always focus on simplicity but also making sure anything we 'add' to the design has a purpose and is effective. For example we considered adding a carbon filter, but after testing saw no noticable difference in controlling smell. We looked at adding a baking soda compartment or some type of air freshener, but given cats sensitivity to smell we decided to avoid having any chemicals in or near the LitterPod®. Our key learning is based on a simple fact. Once your cat has done a poo in any litter tray, it smells immediately. Of course some litters are better at capturing or masking smell than others - so this litter choice is key. But for us the more quickly you can remove the poo or urine from the tray enviornment to the sealed waste compartment the better it is at controlling smell. This is why, with optimum litter clupming speed the LitterPod® can automatically run a cleaning cycle in as little as 60 seconds. You can of course control the delay timer to your needs (with settings anywhere between 60 seconds and seven minutes) - but the faster it runs a cycle the better it is at controlling smell. The waste compartment also seals agasint the tray and the waste bag. This means the only time the waste is exposed to the elements is for the five second window the compartment opens to deposit waste during a cycle and when you remove and tie the bag for disposal.

Will the weight display be in KG or LBS?

UK and European units will display weight readings in KG. USA and Canadian units will display weight readings in LBS.

What is the delay time between the cat exiting the LitterPod® and a cleaning cycle starting?

As the owner, you can control this. The delay time can be set between 1 minute and 7 minutes. As different litter brands clump at different speeds, this allows you to calibrate according to the litter you use.