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We donate 5% of our BrushPod® sales to the ERHAM charity. 

ERHAM, which means 'take pity' in Arabic, is a small and highly active charity working in Azemmour, Morocco. 


They have a very specific mission: 

To carry out regular sterilisation programmes in the town and to educate local people on the importance of animal welfare and controlling the cat population.  

To fund sterilisation operations for street cats and locals who can’t afford to pay.

To provide medicine and food to the towns overpopulated cat communities.

To drive cultural and attitudinal change to the dumping of unwanted vulnerable kittens.

The problem can be seen in the video below. 


As of January 2021 a new GoFundMe page is now live, where donations are very welcome. 


Please note the team are always looking for new potential owners able to re-home cats and kittens as they arrive in the UK or elsewhere.


If this is of interest please contact Anne directly using the contact button at the bottom of the GoFundMe page.

All donations are used to pay for the following:

Sterilisation of the street cat population in the small historical town of Azemmour. 

Vaccinations and medicine for cats and kittens at the rubbish tip shelter. 

Sourcing and provision of higher nourishment wet food (street feeding team).

Development of weather-safe shelters to improve comfort and wellbeing. 

Encourage improved animal welfare within the community, building awareness and bringing about fundamental change in human attitudes towards kitten dumping and the importance of sterilisation.


We support ERHAM by giving 5% of our sales revenue from BrushPod sales. We are also working closely with Anne and her team to design and build a new website (in English and Arabic). This new site will build more awareness but will also provide detail on the cats available for re-homing. 


Our view is that we're privileged in the UK because we have established cat and small animal charities that do amazing work and - while there's always the need for more support - are comparatively well funded. 


So for us we want to do our part, no matter how small, to support ERHAM because any funds raised can have an immediate and direct impact on the welfare of a cat or kitten. We salute ERHAM's efforts to focus on the short term needs of the cats and kittens in Azemmour but just as importantly their efforts to work with and educate the local community. We hope we can be more directly involved as Kuba & Leia grows.


ERHAM is a registered charity based in Morocco with registration number 25230491. 

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