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Brush Power

Introducing our one-of-a-kind cat brush that combines gentle bristle grooming with interactive play and the allure of catnip. We offer two options so the choice is yours! Go for just the Brush, accompanied by an aromatic tube of catnip, or our bigger BrushPod®, which includes a larger case, a laser toy, and claw clippers. Find more information below.

More than just a brush

Introducing our revolutionary Brush - the world's first cat brush infused with catnip. Designed to win over even the most brush-shy felines, it brings us closer to our beloved companions. The ultimate gift for any cat lover, it will transform grooming into an irresistible bonding experience. 

Our luxury cat brush image showing all components

Clippers and Laser Toy

Inside the canister you'll find a three-in-one laser toy with torch and UV light modes and also a pair of our custom coloured soft touch and super sharp claw clippers.  

Luxury cat brush by Kuba & Leia showing all components