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Brush Power

Our unique cat brush combines soft bristle grooming with play and catnip. It enhances the senses and provides moments of serenity, companionship and play for you and your cat. 

More than just a brush

Brush is our first product that we launched in 2021. Our approach to its design is quirky and fun. So much more than a brush it includes a laser toy, tube of catnip and claw clippers. It's a fabulous toolkit for all your cat play and grooming needs!

Our luxury cat brush image showing all components

Clippers and Laser Toy

Inside the canister you'll find a three-in-one laser toy with torch and UV light modes and also a pair of our custom coloured soft touch and super sharp claw clippers.  

Luxury cat brush by Kuba & Leia showing all components
Close up of Kuba & Leia's luxury cat brush showing the soft bristles

Soft Bristle Brush

The brush is made up of soft bristles that are a great length for short and medium haired cats. The round head sits neatly in the palm of your hand and feels great to hold.

BrushPod® and Scratching Post Two
BrushPod® Sand Floor Three

Optional Catnip

For a more exciting experience, you can place some of the included catnip inside the brush head. The aromas breathe through the small lozenges next to the bristles bringing joy to how your cat is brushed. 

BrushPod® Sand Floor One
BrushPod® Sand Floor Two

I 100% recommend the BrushPod® from Kuba & Leia to any cat owner who is struggling to find the right brush for grooming, as it's a high-quality, beautifully designed product.

Laura Wright, Product Reviewer. Your Cat Magazine

Design Story

We set ourselves the challenge to design a new type of cat brush. One that uses the aromas of catnip to awaken the senses and make grooming a more engaging experience for cats. 

Play was also important element to this project. We wanted to design an object that was refined and strong but also incorporated a sense of texture. 

We hope the BrushPod is loved by you and your cats, and that its design and uniqueness makes for an interesting story. We manufactured these in one small batch so have limited stock and is not available anywhere else.

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