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In Final Stages of Development 

Hand crafted and made to order our self cleaning and self-emptying litter tray - previously known as the LitterPod® - will be the ultimate luxury bathroom experience for cats. Please sign up if you'd like to be notified when we're taking pre-orders. Pricing still to be confirmed. 

Curved Wood Cabin

Each Bathroom is hand pressed and made up of curved wooden panels. These are Scandinavian ply and are made by a sustainable specialist near Helsinki in Finland. 

The wooden surround is made up of layers of plywood, pressed on a mould and then laminated and treated with a marine grade lacquer (to prevent ear and tear from cat claws 🐾)

The front and back panels are made from plywood, CNC'd and finished in a bright white laminate. 

The removable top panel and side waste compartment are held in place with magnets and can be easily lifted by pulling on the vegan handles.


Bathroom will be available in a select range of finishes and laminates. More information to follow soon.  

Metal Tray & Finishing

The litter environment of Bathroom is made from powder coated zinc steel. The form has been designed to look and feel just like a normal litter tray for our cats. 

This means no new learned behaviour needed. The tray is strong and fully locked into place provides a safe and secure environment for your cats. 

Unlike plastics such as ABS, zinc coated steel is highly ammonia and rust resistant and is resistant to bacteria build up over time. After a full litter empty the tray is easy to wipe down with a normal household cleaner. 

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Bathroom 3d Printed Part

Power of 3D Printing

Bathroom has been designed as a highly sustainable product. Our approach has to minimise the amount of plastic throughout the design. It also - more importantly - has been designed to be made without the need for any tooling. Tooling for injection moulding is an expensive and wasteful manufacturing process that typically requires buying a high volume of parts and large front end investment.

We're proud that all the parts in Bathroom are made by family run, low volume specialists makers and manufacturers. And perhaps uniquely - each Bathroom is made up of over 20 3D printed parts. 

This means no waste, no excess stock, no complex supply chain. It also means we minimise our footprint as we only ever source the materials we need based on the orders we have from our wonderful customers. 

Just the right amount of technology

If you want an app on your phone that tells you how often your cat goes to the toilet then Bathroom probably won't be for you. 

Our philosophy on technology is that less is more. Our approach focuses on health and wellbeing, cleanliness and safety. 

So Bathroom has a combination of weight sensors (four in total) and a motion sensor. It also has a series of micro switches that manage the cleaning mechanism and monitor performance. 

The end result of this is Bathroom will never run a cleaning operation if your cat is near or inside (even if it falls asleep). Bathroom will weight your cat every time accurate to 50 grams. It knows when it's lid is on or off. And it can be programmed to run a cleaning cycle at an interval of your choosing after your cat's done its business. 

All of this is managed from the three buttons on the front display. Simple, effective and non-intrusive. 

Why Bathroom is Fabulous for Cats

Looks and Feels Like a Normal Litter Tray

A common challenge with current self-cleaning or automatic trays on the market is that their shape and design can feel alien to our cats. Big mechanical domes, small entrance ways or small internal cabin environments can stress our feline friends. So we have designed Bathroom to look and feel like a normal litter tray. It is spacious and airy and means there is no need for your cat to learn a new behaviour when using it.

Nice and Quiet

Most cats are sensitive to unfamiliar sounds. So making sure Bathroom operates quietly was a top priority for us. Bathroom never exceeds 58 decibels which is about the same noise level as having a conversation with another person in a normal sized room.

Keeps an Eye on your Cats Weight

In spring 2022 the BVA asked vets belonging to its Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey panel to identify the three most pressing health and welfare issues they felt were affecting cats in the UK. Obesity was the number one concern (43% of those surveyed cited this). Knowing the weight is a key market of feline health we have built in an accurate weighing capability. Each corner foot of Bathroom has a hidden load cell sensor. These have two roles - to accurately weight your cat (plus or minus 50g) and also to identify whether the Bathroom is occupied.

Significantly Reduces Likelihood of your Cat Urinating in Other Places in the House

The main role and principle reason we designed Bathroom is to make sure Kuba and Leia always had a clean bathroom to use. Research has shown that most cats prefer a very clean and hygeinic toilet environment. This prevents unwanted behaviours such as urinating on mats, carpets and other areas of your home. A clean litter box means a happy kitty.

It Significantly Reduces Bad Smells 

*Please note we are still in the final design and testing of this part so is subject to change. The waste is passed through an automatic flap that lifts, returns and seals. Underneath the flap is a fully attached plastic bag that will zip seal shut upon removal. The aim here is minimise the opportunity for bad odours to escape into your home.

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