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A selection of the rake designs for Kuba & Leia's self cleaning automatic litter tray

About Us

We research, design and assemble our products at our studio in Henley on Thames in South Oxfordshire. We're obsessed with cats and driven by design thinking that uses materials, technologies and techniques in fresh new ways. 

For our feline friends

Enriching the lives of cats.

We want each of the pieces we offer you to have great functionality, beautiful textured designs and the appropriate use of technology. 


To do this we partner with craftspeople, engineers and technologists whose expertise has helped us shape how each object comes to life. 


So when you buy our products you are also buying from a local community of craftspeople and specialists. This community and open approach to design is the essence of Kuba & Leia.


We hope you and your cats love our creations. 

Cat's Eye

The right blend of design and technology.

We fuse the creativity of craft with the rigour of engineering so that every piece we make has its own design story while also being robust so it stands the test of time. 

Because we hand assemble at our studio, we are able to offer customisable colours and finishes. 

Wasteless design. 

From hand casting in silicone moulds, machine ply bending, 3d printing, CNC machining to circuit board printing - we use wide ranging techniques that are specifically suited to low volume batch making.

In turn this means that all our designs have minimal waste, are eco-friendly. 

We are a sustainably conscious business. 

A prototype of the curved wooden cabin for Kuba & Leia's self cleaning automatic litter tray
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